BOOM – By & By


On the road from Birmingham to Memphis we made some more magical memories on Day 6.

The first, thanks to a tip from my friend Harris was a visit to the Irondale Cafe that was the inspiration for the book and movie Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe.

I remember so well going to see that movie with my friend Patricia and we both cried at the end. It is so lovely. I must read the book .

When we were there, with perfect timing  a big old train just whistled past!



Next we stopped at the Mississippi border and fell upon a group of musicians playing instruments I hadn’t seen before called Dulcimers.

They played the Sweet By and By.

This was very appropriate given our next planned stop the infamous Lorraine Motel.

Here we said our Bye and Bye and gave our thanks to MLK Jr.

We had one more surprise stop today but more of that tomorrow,



Blessing- #41– Last minute stops that add much joy to a journey




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