BOOM – Boy of Blues

On Day 6 our other surprise was the discovery of Elvis Presley’s birthplace in Mississippi.

He had humble beginnings. His boyhood home was tiny but so clean, warm and cosy.

Elvis was very much influenced by gospel music and the blues.

When we arrived at our hotel the Guest House at Graceland his music and magic were everywhere.

It is an absolutely fabulous hotel and highly recommended as a place to stay in Memphis.

Our last day was an all Elvis event with a visit to his beautiful home.

Graceland is so touching because it is really a family place.

It is a mansion of course but not that big at all.

Most importantly it is really homey and has such a welcoming and happy feel about it.

There are so many family photos and home movies and in them all you can see how much he loved his wife and little girl.

Bless him he was such a good soul and died so very young at only 42.

Loved his music especially Suspicious Minds.

What was your favorite one of his tunes?

Blessing # 42-Homes that Welcome



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