Bit of Banter on Buffets and BBQ

When we started out on our tour of the south Aaron and I decided to eat local.

We had a good breakfast at the hotels and a snacky lunch and gallons of water along the way.

Each evening Aaron did some google research and located a popular place. He used Yelp to rate each place and we were not once disappointed.

We went to roadhouses for BBQ and we went to buffets where we joined the locals in all you can eats

We had fried everything, including green tomatoes! We had catfish, ox tails, liver, shrimp and delicacies like collard greens, okra, yams, dressing (aka stuffing), creamed corn and biscuits a go go.

One thing we missed was grits so we absolutely need to go back for that!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our plates and that this wets your appetite for the southern states.

This was so much more fun than eating fast food it was such a feel good thing to do. Also we loved all the wonderful people we met at these places they were so hospitable and a real blessing.

But we confess that on our way home we cracked for convenience and speed and went to McDonalds for lunch. You can guess which portion was mine!!!!!!



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