BOOM – Bagging Bargains

Krishna and myself love to go to garage sales and Church sales to see what treasures we can find.

Generally our bargain hunting happens on a Saturday as it is unusual for garage sales to take place on Sunday.

Yesterday as we were coming home from Church we saw directions to a garage sale in our own neighborhood. So of course we had to go.

Over the past six months I have been accumulating “projects” to tackle with all the feee time I’m going to have on my hands.

These projects are old pieces of furniture or items for the yard or garden that were picked up at sales and that will be transformed into wonders of exceptional beauty!!!!!

No single transformation has yet occurred and there is a very definite possibility that when it does it won’t be a work of art but heh I HAVE A DREAM!

Part of all these plans involves spray paint. What is dark will become light and what is dull will shine.

Well you will not believe it but yesterday I struck gold.

The lovely lady having the sale was moving to San Francisco and has a husband a bit like me. He had projects and man did he have paint.

So bingo I bagged a good selection of exactly what I needed and a lovely little Christmas plate to boot for the princely sum of $2.

This rusty frog who has been KABOOMED overnight may have guessed by now he is set to be transformed into something colorful if not quite a prince!

Blessing #49 – Dreamers of Dreams

One Reply to “BOOM – Bagging Bargains”

  1. I love to do garage sale to,
    Never think about spray paint for rusty Piece though, you give me a good idea
    Have a wonderful day


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