When my friend Carol and I were little girls we would pretend that we were going to The Country Club.  This play involved our dolls who would all be dressed up in their finest for the evening.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would indeed one day be a member of such a club.

Five years ago Nestle sent me on a great training course to China and Switzerland. Here I met an inspirational trainer called Mark  he convinced me that I could change my fitness level if I dedicated just three hours a week to training and exercise.

Having just quit smoking a few months before this meeting I thought why not let’s give this a go.

So with the support of Nestle we joined the wonderful Wedgewood Golf and Country Club and I started to go to gym classes.

The first person I met and ny first instructor was the amazing Jodi and she helped me so much to build up strength and endurance. So happy to call Jodi a friend to this day even though she is no longer at the club.

There were regular members in class who also are now dear friends who encouraged me and also helped me along. I was in really bad shape!!!!

We have such fun together in our classes.

The best fun of all is at Zumba with our sweet instructor Missi who has the patience of a saint.

Now that I can go to day time classes as well as the Saturday morning Zumba I’m at last getting the moves right for BIG BIG BOOTY and the other routines.

Just last week we also started water aerobics with Michelle and that is such a feel good experience.

What great people all these fitness instructors are.

Their dedication to helping others is amazing  and worthy of much thanks as is the commitment of Nestle to supporting their staff on the Nutrition Health and Wellness path.

Blessing # 50 – Those That Inspire Us To Keep Fit

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