BOOM – Bittie Birdie

In our area we have the most beautiful brightly colored birds.

There are the Cardinals which are, as you would expect, a brilliant red and the state bird of Ohio.

The little blue birds that often nest in mail boxes are like our European Robins with a little red breast but elsewhere bright blue in color.

This year has been a great season for Goldfinches that are vibrant yellow and very fast on the move.

Today I got the best treat of all!

As I was watering my front yard a tiny  hummingbird was having its breakfast on one of the plants right at our front door.

I can show you the plant that has just started to flower but was not fast enough to get the bird feeding on it. So I picked a pic from Google that shows a bird most like the one that came to visit.

These little critters are so amazing. Their little wings are truly a feat of nature and such a joy to watch.

Hope this little baby enjoyed this nectar and will be back often.

Don’t know the name of the plant it was feeding on but it has a flat red leaf and small purple blooms on a very long stalk.

Blessing # 51 – Being in the right place at the right time

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