BOOM – Bikes to Bangers


As you know Aaron got his first car yesterday. This morning before leaving for work he was looking for a key chain to put the prized car key on.

From my big bunch of keys he pulled off a chain that Krishna had given my Dad the first time my Dad and Mum came to Switzerland.

It is a five franc Swiss coin and my Dad loved that key chain so much  He always had his own car key and our house key on it and I took it as a souvenir when he moved upstairs.

All of this made me think of when my Dad got our first car. It was an Austin 1100 and he paid the princely sum of 75 Pounds for it.

I was eleven at the time so I can remember so well all the excitement of us getting a car. Up until then my Dad went to work on his bicycle and my mum walked to her work.

We really enjoyed that first car. Most people would have called it a Banger but we lovingly called it « Learny ».

Mum and I would sit in the back of Learny while an elderly man called Geordie Black sat up front with my Dad chain smoking and teaching my Dad to drive.

The car had been brought over to Northern Ireland from England and had a unique registration number for our area that was DWP829B.

Funny the things that stick in your mind!

As soon as my Dad passed his driving test he’d have me behind the wheel of Learny in deserted parking lots all over Northern Ireland. He was absolutely determined that as soon as I was old enough I’d get my license and my own car too.

God bless him he wanted my life to be so much easier and better than his.

I was really so touched and happy this morning when Aaron found that old key chain and asked if he could take it for his car.

My Dad was certainly involved in that move!!!!

Blessing # 52 – Links of love that never leave us.

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