BOOM- Beneful Baby

Krishna and I got our first dogs in 1995 when we moved from Switzerland to Connecticut.

The puppies came through the  Nestle Purina Adoption program and arrived the day before thanksgiving.

There arrival is a story worth sharing that I will save for another time. I can see my sister in law HEMA laughing as she recalls that day !!!!!

Being very fond of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice we named the boys Darcy and Bingley.

These boys travelled the world with us going to China and then Switzerland and ultimately Darcy went with us to France. They were adorable and like most Labradors would eat absolutely anything except lettuce.

When dear Darcy passed in 2008 we got Dibley a Tibetan Terrier. We wanted a boy with character who would be great with kids but not quite as big as Darcy and Bingley.

As we are very loyal to our Nestle Purina family of products we started Dibley on Beneful Puppy. Coincidentally the puppy on the product looks just like him.

Dibley’s eating habits are quite different from those of D&B. This little man will eat only what he wants and will fast if he feels like he is not getting what he wants.

He also will walk only just as far as he wants to go unlike D&B who would plod on for ever until I said we’d go home.

Fast forward to today and Dibley is now quite a senior gentleman. Walking less but wait for it STILL eating Beneful Puppy!

Not what our Nestle Purina nutritionists would say is ideal for a senior citizen but this boy is one stubborn puppy who simple refuses to give up on his favorite food.

Blessing # 53 – Different Characters Each So Special


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