My Mum was a great woman. She had everything under control including shopping and meal planning.

She worked all week so she got her groceries on Friday evening and her fresh produce on Saturday morning.

On the dot of 9:00 am on Saturday whether rain or shine, my Dad had to take her to Sandy Row. This will be a well known area for people from Belfast. Suffice to say for those who don’t know it it was a place of character and characters.

First stop was Evelyn’s for vegetables and fruit, then on to the bread shop, and finally to Davy’s the butcher.

All the food was home and stored by no later than 10:30 and the pan was on to make a big fry up.

This we all enjoyed and was in part to prepare my Dad for the afternoon drinking session that was to follow with his mates!!!

Such was the precision of the plan that all the fresh food that came home on Saturday, and thankfully it was plentiful, was all eaten by the following Friday.

Now I guess this was because my Mum has a budget to stick to unlike what we have today.

We buy buy buy and end up freezing what we don’t use in time to the point where the freezer can take in no more.

So this week I have declared war on further buying until we have used up all in the fridge and tackled enough in the freezer to allow me to clean the shelves.

I have absolutely no plan as to what will be made but hope to say BYE to a few deeply buried items.

Blessing # 54 – Never being short of food

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