BOOM – Butterfly


When I was taking the trash to the roadside just look who popped out of a flower bed.

A really huge butterfly the likes of which I’d never seen.

Hoping that this whopper is one and the same as BIG BUG who ate our parsley and featured in Banter a few weeks ago.

Just goes to show what parsley can do for you!!!

Fortunately this critter wasn’t moving too fast so I’d the time to run and get my phone to take a photo.

In terms of size you can see it was approximately the same as a 14 oz can that was at hand in the recycling bin.


Was a bit worried that the beauty was about to leave for heaven as it was struggling to take flight but it disappeared while Dibley and I were having our evening walk.


Blessing # 59 – Transitions of Bugs to Butterflies

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