BOOM – Backyard Bucks


We have deer all around our neighborhood.

They have certainly been living in these parts much longer than any of us humans.

No doubt about it, the tracks and trails are definitely theirs.

One of their trails happens to be across our yard. This means no plant is safe from a nibble unless behind a solid fence.

Slowly I am starting to understand what they like and what they don’t like to eat and am planting accordingly in the flower beds.

This year, the locally recommended Irish Spring Soap has had some effect in keeping them from coming up to the front door!

Once grated the soap looks like shredded green cheese and smells really powerful. I’m buying it in multipacks now!!!

This year I’ve been able to observe the herd more carefully and have noticed that the Bucks seem to hang out together in a group and the Does in another group with the Fawns.

It looks like the biggest Buck is maybe teaching the younger ones.

A few mornings ago I saw this really huge Stag with about five younger Bucks and it looked very much like he was watching over them.

Wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of that experience but it was surprising as I’d thought Stags would have been singular sorts.

Is it possible?

Blessing # 60– Patient Leadership

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