BOOM – Bonds Before Being

Krishna is working his way through a mountain of papers. Most days this brings a discovery of some kind that is shared with Aaron and me.

Yesterday he uncovered some old photos that were among my Mum’s papers.

These included photos of both my grandfathers.

I’d never met them as they had died many years before I was born and yet I feel I know them.

With Aaron being adopted I so wish we could find out something about his family tree.

The way Grandpa Barr is sitting with his cap on and his kind smile reminds me a lot of my Dad. He looks very approachable and simple. He even folds his arms just like my Dad did!

Grandpa Gibson looks very handsome and much more authoritative as befits the winner of the Military Medal for bravery.

Is this just my imagination or is it because we hear so much about our grandparents that we feel we know them?

Do we see our parents or loved ones or even ourselves in their faces?

What is it we know and what is it that we inherit?

Blessing # 66 – Knowing where we come from

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