7010ECA5-5EA5-4A47-946E-41E3F0EC9983My Mum was very much a keep it clean person.

She cleared, defrosted and washed the fridge out from top to bottom ever other week. For this she used a solution of baking soda and she was constantly washing dishes and clothes too.

She also bought bleach in copious quantities. Seriously you could have sterilized an Olympic sized swimming pool with the weekly amount of bleach that was purchased.

The bleached lived in the back hall and was used in large volumes in drains, sinks the toilet and to wash down the door steps.

Mummy had a theory that it would keep the mice away.

Only one brand of bleach would do for my Mum. DOMESTOS because it « Kills all know germs DEAD! »

I did not inherit my Mum’s passion for bleach or cleaning but sometimes needs must!!!

So all this history came to mind today as I brought out the Clorox.

No bathroom surface was left untouched and any bug in the kitchen better hide because I have intentions to get them.

Aren’t we so fortunate to have such a valuable, powerful, safe and good value product as bleach.

It truly is transformational.

Blessing # 66 – Antiseptics

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