BOOM – Beauty in a Big Brown Bag

04585C97-ED3F-49B5-BA10-92CB2059DF0D.jpegOne of my Mother’s favorite sayings was “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

She used this phrase most often when she didn’t like or approve of an item of clothing I’d just bought.

The phrase was also used now and then when I brought a boy home that she thought was not for me!!!

On our bargain hunt this weekend we came across a cute little sign at the front door of one house. The message is clear love sees the best.

We didn’t buy the sign but we did buy the Boy with Bunnies at this house.

At the next house we arrived just in time for a big brown bag sale. Here the deal was to pay $5 for the bag and then stuff it till it’s ready to burst with items up for sale.

We LOVE this thrill and we found much BEAUTY to stuff in the bag including a lovely old hot chocolate pot.

When we got home we found from a stamp on its bottom that it came from the Hotel Deshler. This hotel no longer exists but we discovered that once it was the fanciest hotel in Columbus.

So while this pot is not in the best condition the BEAUTY it has already brought us is the joy of unearthing the history of the Deshlers.

It also has a great new home in our dining room amidst a lot more items that some might call clutter but we call collections!!!!


Blessing # 91 – Charming C

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