BOOM – Biao Biao


This morning on NBC TODAY, host Hoda Kotb covered a beautiful story.

Hoda interviewed Muriel Bowser the Mayor of Washington DC who has recently adopted a baby girl.

Muriel shared her story of how this little baby has made her very successful and happy life complete.

Muriel explained how Hoda, who recently adopted a little girl herself, had inspired her.

Hoda in turn said that the actress Sandra Bullock who adopted a little boy had been her inspiration.

No doubt someone inspired Sandra and so on.

All this brought back memories of another Sandra that Krishna and I met when we arrived in Shanghai in 2001.

Our Sandra (Sandy) was a teacher at the US School and lived in the same complex as us.

We quickly became friends and Sandy shared that she, like many of the teachers, volunteered at the Shanghai Children’s Home. We decided to volunteer too.

Soon after Sandy told us she had filed all her papers and was planning to adopt a little baby. Sure enough about a year later her little girl came home.

Sandy was a single Mom in her forties like Muriel Bowser is today.

She was our inspiration. We filed our papers in June 2002 and in April  2003 we received the biggest blessing ever this photo from the Childrens Home introducing us to our very own Zhang Ming Biao aka as Biao Biao and now known as Aaron.

Blessing # 93 – Finding our Families

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