BOOM – Bijoux

FD55E6CA-0C33-4046-96A9-B7B21BD2E9BF.jpeg The anniversary of the dreadful terror attack on the USA brings back so clearly the memories of where we all were that morning.

Krishna and I had arrived in Shanghai and had just moved into our apartment.

With the time difference we were fast asleep when the attack happened and only heard the news when we woke the next day.

This morning for the first time ever we didn’t see Aaron off to school.

For some reason I’d not switched on the alarm and we had slept through his getting up and out.

He left us a little note which we both appreciated very much. It is short and sweet but says all that needs to be said so well.

Thousand left for work that morning 17 years ago.

Many may have left very early to catch flights, others may have slept through alarms like we did today and missed the usual bye bye hug.

Aarons note on this particular day is a good reminder that it only takes a minute to say how much you love your nears and dears.

Blessing # 98 – Thoughts to Treasure

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