BOOM – Bright Bunch


All along the hedgerows at the minute and in the fields too there is an abundance of rag week.

It has a beautiful yellow color but it is murder for people with allergies like Krishna. He is coughing all the time and even  Aaron is suffering with itchy eyes and sneezes.

Along our road, which runs beside the river there is another bright yellow flower blooming. It is a bit like a small sun flower.

I know for sure it is not a Black Eyed Susan because I bought two of those plants last year and the deer have scoffed them

Funny enough the only place I see it growing, unlike the rag weed, is by the river where it is in abundance.

Today I cut a bunch and brought it home.  Anyone know what this flower is?

Todays events reminded me of gathering blackberries from the hedgerows in Ireland at this time of year and making jam or fruit crumble with them.

There must be a bit of the stone age left in me because I do love picking up wild things.

Blessing # 99 – Natures Harvest


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