BOOM – Byways Between Beans


Our home is in a northern suburb of Columbus. If we head just a few miles out we are in the country.

Short cuts, to avoid traffic lights and highway traffic, take us onto roads that cut straight through the farms and that are always a joy.

The fields are massive and flat compared to the rolling hills of Ireland but they have their own beauty at each season.

Right now the soybeans are ready for harvest and their color gives the most fabulous contrast to the blue sky.

Yesterday’s color was quite impressive and the day was very hot.

For sure this photo doesn’t do justice to the scene but it reminded me of John Keat’s “To Autumn” that many of us leaned by heart in our English classes.


Little did we appreciate the value of those lessons and that they would be seeds we would harvest for a lifetime.

Blessing # 103 – Fruitfulness


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