BOOM – Bunged In


Krishna cooks with great finesse. He is a master of the spice blend  as many know and appreciate.

His skills have only rubbed off a little on me as I haven’t the patience needed to perfect the art.

One thing that’s very therapeutic for me though is chopping. This was generally my Sunday afternoon exercise but now it can happen anytime.

This afternoon we are going to Yutzy’s farm market with Aaron as he loves the Amish goodies so this morning a get rid of all remaining veggies chopping session took place.

This reminded me of my Dad. On the very rare occasions when Mother was away from home his attitude to cooking was never to measure or follow a recipe but to take what came first to hand and to BUNG IT IN.

We had some experiences and delights such as fried apples and bacon but we had fun. We always had a spud or two too!!

Who knows what today’s dinner will be like, for the minute we’ll let it stew!

Blessing # 104 – Culinary Surprises

5 Replies to “BOOM – Bunged In”

    1. It was your grandma who taught him to cook. Seems when he was about twelve he had to take over the cooking as his Mom was sick so she gave directions and he followed. Your own Mom probably learned at this time too. We benefit 😋

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