BOOM – Better Be Broken


A few days ago a Buddy posted about the importance of using the good things we have rather than saving them for special occasions.

The point was clear. Each day is special!!!

Our family, like most, have glassware and china that gets aired only at Thanksgiving, Christmas or dinner parties.

We have found that as an item in a set is broken the likelihood of use of the remainder increases exponentially. The set is no longer perfect so might as well be used.

Such was the case with a set of fine glasses that Krishna bought before we met. They were really top class as he had nothing better to spend his cash on in those days.

There were glasses for each wine type and for water and liqueur too. So quite an extensive and exquisite collection.

The glasses travelled the world with us. The most used being the large reds.

Over the years the numbers diminished apart from the  liqueur set that remains complete. Who drinks liqueur?

The red numbers fell until just one remained. This last soldier became my glass from which an evening tipple was taken. Until that is it bit the dust this weekend.

The long stem broke in two but the glass itself stayed in one piece.

Many people enjoyed these fine glasses and of course what was in them. They weren’t ornaments or dust collectors but they were special.

If they could speak they would tell many tales and no doubt the red would tell the liqueur how good it feels to be valued most!!!

Blessing # 105 – Being of Use


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