BOOM – Bloodline


We adopted Aaron when he was 28 months old. All we know about his background is that he was born on December 16, 2000 in Shanghai.

We very much want to help Aaron find out more about his birth family although we know this will be a big challenge.

As a first step Aaron did a DNA assessment in 2017 using 23andMe

This has given some very good information on genetic traits that could be helpful for him to know in future.

We get regular updates from 23andMe each time there is a new discovery. For example we got an update recently to say Aaron is likely to have severe reaction to mosquitoes and also funny enough have a fear of heights. Whoever would have imagined there is a gene that can predict this but guess what it is TRUE.

All this to say that we trust 23andMe and their work. So yesterday when we got a message saying some new family links had been uncovered we were excited.

We have found the closest link yet a person with 37% match on Aarons DNA. That would be like a third cousin.

Thanks to 23&Me we were able to message this person and she has already replied. She is living in the USA but her parents both were born in China.

Isn’t this exciting?

Blessing # 106 – Applied Science

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