Each summer I have a reading bonanza. This happens mostly at our lovely town of Powell pool.

This summer’s favorite was Fried Green Tomatoes. The Mayor of Casterbridge came a close second.

Certain things are important in my book choice. One is that it is light in weight so paperbacks are a must.

This makes the hold easier and, when they inevitably get wet they dry out faster. By the story’s end my books are in a sorry state. They may even fall apart if they’re on the chunky side.

There also needs to be a flow that meets my needs. Chapters can’t be too long. They must allow for a read-a –bitdip-a-bit rhythm at the pool,  a decent soak in the bath without going too wrinkly or just sufficient distraction to nod off.

Krishna, my husband, who always has a book on the go, is no fan of paperbacks he only likes hardcovers.

He treats his books gently and never bends the spine. In the books he chooses chapters can be volumes. He doesn’t lose the plot

Needless to say Krishna doesn’t read anywhere close to pools or baths or lying in bed like me. He is a read on the sofa sitting up straight attentive type person.

We have nothing in common either when it comes to tastes. Krishna reads biographies, thrillers or political drama. I’m totally a love story type.

There is something though that unites us in our literature. Neither of us have taken to ebooks. This is unfortunate in one regard because our home is overrun with books. They are stacked double on walls of shelves and can also be found where clothes should be hung. They mingle with dishes in other cabinets and even make appearances in the garage!

We just seem to keep on gathering but rarely letting go of this endless source of pleasure. Books are bound to us for ever and keep our hearts warm!!!!

Blessing # 108 – Literary Inspiration and Insulation



4 Replies to “BOOM – BOOKISH”

  1. I know the feeling , until my
    wife can take it no longer and
    has a clean up and takes the books she thinks I have finished with! to the charity
    If you liked “ Fried Green
    Tomatoes” you may also
    like “The Heart is a Lonely
    Hunter” by Carson Mc Cullers or the Lake Wobegon books by Garrison Keillor.
    Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was thanks to your suggestion about visiting Irondale Harris that I read FGT so I’ll look out for these books 📚 Must say I get the itch to do what your wife does but Krishna would have a fit. 📚📚📚


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