BOOM – Burning Bright


The sky at sunset can be very special here at this time of year. The colors are blazing like the sky is on fire.

When this happens the filing cupboard in my head always sorts and pulls out the same references.

First up is Scarlet O’Hara and the posters of Gone With The Wind. Wonder did a sunset inspire Margaret Mitchell when she wrote the book?

Next up is The TYGER by William Blake. Those burning eyes that we can only dream of meeting in the forest at night.


Finally comes Walter Chalmers Smith’s hymn Immortal Invisible God Only Wise. 

This is a favorite we often sing at church and coincidentally, after a spectacular sunset this Saturday, we did so this Sunday.

The reason for this connection in my mind is the ending that most of us know from the hymnal that is


However, thanks to a little digging into Wikipedia to find these lyrics to copy and paste I unveiled for myself something I had never known. The  ending verses as written were in fact.



Blessing #110 – The Splendor of Light

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