BOOM – Boxing

When we moved from Europe to the USA in 2010 we left a lot of things in storage in Switzerland.

Originally my assignment was for 3-5 years but eventually it became 8 years. In the end we decided that we would stay here in Ohio.

Yesterday our things that were in storage arrived! We are boxed in!

As we unpack it is so good to see these lovelies again. After all, they were part of our lives for so long.

The really interesting thing is that they seem to fit right in. This gives a feeling that this was meant to be.

The most amazing fit is a sideboard that seems as though it was made to measure for our kitchen.


Most touching in what we have unearthed so far were some lovely photos of our first fur babies Darcy and Bingley.


They are now sitting on an old Chinese cabinet we bought in Shanghai that is also happy to have found its family again.

Blessing # 121 – Reconnecting with Old Treasures


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