BOOM – Back to Black

When we moved to China I went ahead for three weeks in July before we made the final move in September.

During my reci I bought some modern furniture to get us started none of which Krishna really liked when he got there.

He got to pick plenty of antiques later as compensation!

Now some of these items are back with us including my very favorite little red tub chairs.

Aaron loved to sit in these and have his milk or drinks and they got very stained over the years. It didn’t help that I tried cleaning them with bleach.

Well I had a brainwave that is now a work in progress. They are going black. Their little spot will be by the kitchen window and they’ll match the barstools perfectly.

Thanks to the wonderful and most helpful craft store Joann’s I’ve got just the right fabric paint.  Got the job started but seriously underestimated the amount of paint needed.

My local Joann’s have been calling around all their stores for me and we have located enough to get the job finished.

Service with a smile at this great store! So refreshing!

Blessing # 122 – Revival & Restoration


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