BOOM – Balayage

Just short of my 15 birthday I started my first job at a little hairdressers on the Donegall Road in Belfast called Mauds.

There was nothing « mod » at all about Mauds. Middle aged and elderly ladies came there each week to have their hair « washed and set ».  They would also have cuts, perms and colors as needed.

The establishment was owned by a lady called Maud who knew absolutely nothing about hairdressing, that was in the safe hands of a stylist called Marie.

Maud was in charge of talking to customers and making them cups of tea. Marie said very little but was really a good stylist and the ladies adored her.

My job was to wash hair, collect towels, take out rollers, take out trash and sweep the floors.

One day in her infinite wisdom when Maud was watching me wash a client’s hair she bestowed a great compliment describing me as « A Great Wee Scrubber ».

Some of you will get the joke in this but for those of you who may not know, this is Belfast slang for a woman of ill repute!

Of course Maud realized what she said as soon as the words were out of her mouth and we all had a great laugh. I loved her to bits.

I also loved Marie because she was so patient with Maud and me and was always teaching me the tips of the trade. She took some risks too progressively letting me apply perming solutions and colors.

All this gave me a great love of hairstyles and experimenting with my own. My hair never has the same style or color for too long! There are many tales to tell in this regard because Krishna and Aaron and even Dibley have been victims of my endeavors too. More of that another day.

Yesterday this came to mind when I was doing my own Balayage. This term is used to describe a very expensive hair coloring process involving multiple dies.

In my budget friendly version I use a root touch up kit and Sunin! Never try this yourself as it could be disastrous!

The irony in all of this is the origin of the term Balayage. It comes from the French word for sweeping.

A lesson perhaps for me to stick with my original hairdressing job description!

Blessing # 125 – Play on Words

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