BOOM – Basil

Herbs are so wonderful and make such a difference to our food. One of the best things about summer is being able to run out to the garden and pick a few.

Summer has stretched well into October here in Ohio but there is a big change coming this week and we may even get our first frost.

So it’s time to shut up shop and bring what we can indoors. Most of our Basil has been eaten but some little seedlings were growing.

These are going to get a chance at survival on the windowsill alongside the rosemary and parsley. Getting a bit congested now  in this prime sun spot!

Some little pepper plants and a tiny tomato looked lost and lonely so they are coming inside too.

Let’s see what the outcome is  you never know they might love it in the jungle that was once an entrance hall!

Blessing # 127 – The Suspense in an  Experiment



4 Replies to “BOOM – Basil”

    1. Thanks Krishna. There are some poinsettias in the hall that have been there for five years now. The are my hobby plants. They are given at Christmas time and usually die within weeks but I’ve found if you are a bit ruthless with them and let them dry out and then drench them with water they become more hardy. As Brenda says its all about light 🍀🌸🍀


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