BOOM – Bakers


From this afternoon until Sunday evening the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) will host 40 volunteers taking part in the 49th Kairos Prison Ministry Weekend at this site.

Kairos has been a great blessing in my life over the past five years allowing me to meet many  wonderful women. They have great diversity in background and there is little chance I would have encountered them had it not been for Kairos.

Most importantly, my eyes have been opened to many aspects of Gods Grace and his unconditional love for all of us. You can find out more about Kairos at the website

Over the course of the weekend we give each person at the prison a little token of love.

This is simply a ziplock bag containing one dozen home made chocolate chip cookies. Since there are 2500 inmates and almost 1000 staff at ORW this means we need to bake 3500 Dozen Cookies!!!

Since each volunteer is responsible for supplying 85 dozen cookies major help is needed


Thankfully while I was packing up things in Ireland many friends from our Church were baking like crazy. So much so my target was well exceeded in fact my car is packed with 160 dozen cookies!!

Krishna packed everything up for me so I didn’t need to touch a single chocolate chip when I got home!!!


If you too would like to contribute just say a little prayer over the next few days for the 30 participants on the weekend that they may find new hope and a new start in life.

Pray also that the weekend will touch the hearts of all at ORW and have a positive impact on the entire community and on our team.

Blessing # 138 – Gods Time


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