BOOM – Benevolence in Bereavement


This morning on NBC – The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie was live in the great city of Pittsburgh.

Savannah was covering the tragedy of Saturday’s shooting at THE TREE OF LIFE Synagogue.

Back in the studio was Hoda Kotb. As the two anchors exchanged comments both were struggling to hold back their tears.

Like all of us they’re asking WHY?

As Savannah interviewed some of the victims families, the first response doctors, the mayor and the Rabbi of the Synagogue the grace and goodness of this tight knit community in this time of deep hurt, sadness and loss shone through.

The words of Rabbi  Jeffrey Myers spoke volumes. “Hate is not welcome here” he said. “You can cut off some branches but the TREE will continue to grow.”

All of us need to nourish the TREE with our love. We need to speak up and stand up against any form of discrimination and hatred.

As everyone who spoke this morning said.

Love has to triumph.

Blessings # 139 – The Grace of Good People

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