BOOM – Bluebird


When we were out this morning for our constitutional Dibley and I had a Bluebird as our companion.

These little birds are so beautiful. They are quite tiny with little red breasts like a European Robin but they are the most brilliant blue.

They were out in force this morning all around the neighborhood. I had never seen so many of them at the one time and Google couldn’t give an explanation. Maybe one of you may know why.

The little guy that followed Dibley and me did so for several hundred yards. He was hopping along on the ground and then flying into a tree then swooping down to the ground again even getting quite close to us at times.

It made me think of my Mum and her Robins who faithfully visited her each day on her kitchen windowsill. She fed them well!!

Am I the only one or does anyone else ever feel that little critters, birds in particular, bring us love letters from our nears and dears on the other shore?

Anyway, this little lovely made my day!

Blessing # 140 – Natures Company

2 Replies to “BOOM – Bluebird”

  1. J ai la meme experience avec un oiseau d ici que mon papa aimait beaucoup . Le gaie, plain de belles couleurs bleues et noires, on le voit particulièrement en hivers, me réjouis d ors et déjà de notre prochain rendez vous

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