BOOM – Be Bugs 💯


At the beginning of June and in preparation for a new chapter in life I started Blessing Hunting.

This has given me a lot of pleasure. It’s a daily challenge and something that has made me more mindful of the benefits of thankfulness.

This morning Facebook sent me a little message to say we have reached a milestone as the Booming Buddies page hit 💯 likes.

In social media terms this is but a blip in the big bite ocean but it made my day.

Facebook is suggesting that I finance the promotion of the page. I’m resisting as we hit 💯 organically, as the business world would say and I’m sure we can grow even further just by ourselves.

In the food industry we are always thinking about bugs and how we stop them multiplying. We know just one little bug can quickly become one hundred then one thousand then ten thousand. We call this exponential growth and we try to stop it.

So today I ask you to help with an experiment. Pretend you are a bug. Invite one or two of your friends to like our Booming Buddies page and let’s see how far we can grow and go!!!!

Blessing # 153 – Encouragement

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