BOOM – Brother!


Today Krishna’s brother and his wife are returning home to Indian after their month long stay in the USA.

It was great to see them even if it was just for a day.

We wish them safe travels and look forward to their next visit or perhaps we will go see them sometime soon. It has been too long since we visited India!

Having been an only child it is so beautiful to see how much the siblings in my husband’s family love each other. Even though they don’t meet often they reconnect like they had never been apart.

Kamala, the eldest in the family, who passed away some years ago, told me a story each time I met her that I will never forget.

She explained that as kids they never had money to buy sweets except on very special occasions.

Once Krishna won a competition at school. I think she said it was a spelling bee which would not surprise me!

On the way home from school he told her all about it and he broke the single sweet in two to share with her. She never forgot that gesture!

Even thinking of it brings a tear to my eye and reminds me always of Hebrews 13 1-3


Blessing # 154 – Brotherly Love That Continues

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