BOOM – Brrrrrr!


Whether in Fahrenheit or Centigrade the days ahead are going to be COLD!

There is one sign that scares me on the forecasts and that is freezing rain. It is unbelievably petrifying. My first experience of it here in Ohio resulted in the car sliding almost all the way down the driveway. We missed the mailbox. JUST!

So tomorrow I am planning to negotiate with Aaron that I will drive him to school! We will see if he agrees!

There are some joys to cold weather. My cousin Becky reminded me of one yesterday when she posted about lighting a scented candle. A good fire and a glass of wine or a big mug of hot chocolate slip down nicely too.

Those happy Danish people have even a word for these special treats. They call it Hygge! Like a big hot hug!

Whats your favorite winter time moment?

Blessing # 155 – Cosy Comforts

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