BOOM – Banbridge


Yesterday, talking about Rory Best and his home club of Banbridge brought back many fond memories of this great market town.

My parents and all my grandparents came from around “the Bann” as it is fondly known and many family and friends still live there today.

The town was originally no more than a little village know as Seapatrick Parish and that is where my Dad was born.

The local newspaper is the Banbridge Chronicle. It is published each Tuesday and I read it direct thanks to Facebook!

In the 1960s things were just a little slower! My Granny Barr would get it hand delivered to her in Belfast every Thursday by my Dads cousin Sammy.

Sammy and his friend Davy brought linen from the mill at Seapatrick to the factory where my Dad worked in Belfast so it could be “ornamented”. In other words folded fancy and boxed for sale.

Sammy and Davy would give Granny the paper and while the kettle was boiling for their tea she’d read the deaths!!!! They’d then discuss the details and lament the passing of those they knew.

This continued long after Granny passed on and as a teenager I’d get a ride in Sammys van all the way to Seapatrick to spend a week or two with my Dads cousins.

Sometimes Carol would come too and we loved it there especially all the good bread and jam that my Dads cousin Susan made and the flowers that cousin Davy would grow. The smells were wonderful and the Dahlias were the size of dinner plates.

Susan loved singing and one of her favorite tunes the Star of The County Down. It tells the tale of a beautiful young lady from the Bann who smiles at a lad as they meet on a country lane.

Wonder did she look anything like this local beauty?


Blessing #161 – Online News & Old Photos


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