BOOM – Baroque Bargain

We have great music at our Church including really rousing organ music.

Last Sunday for the opening procession our organist played a wonderful piece listed in the bulletin as Hallelujah by Giovanni Baptista.

Now I am no music buff so the fact I’d never heard of Giovanni was no great surprise.

It turns out that the name was really popular in Europe in the Baroque period and could have a variety of spellings. Often it was qualified with an origin.

So thanks to Goggle I first hit on a Giovanni Battista from Pergolesi. No Hallelujah though! So digging a little deeper another Giovanni this time from Lully in France was found and my feeling is he is the one.

I still haven’t found the Hallelujah but have uncovered some other magnificent pieces and two composers for the price of one! Puts new meaning to Buy One Get One Free!

Blessing # 162 – New Tunes

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