BOOM – Birds, Brine and Basting


The day for National Thanksgiving is with us and we are getting ready to pop a really big bird in the oven.

We will read how to cook a turkey about a million times and hear in ever TV show how the star chefs handle theirs.

We’ll prod it and brine it and stuff it and baste it all to make it juicy! Bet those pilgrims just roasted it over a spit and tucked in!

This is one of the best holidays in the USA. It brings family and friends together and allows us all to eat way too much.

Back home we have harvest thanksgiving service at church. We sang some beautiful hymns. The one that sums it all up is of German origin We Plough The Fields and Scatter.


In days gone by the harvest service was followed by a supper. All the foods brought to decorate the church would be eaten. Thomas Hardy described these suppers so well in his novels.

In those days this was a feast that was enjoyed rarely. Today we feast all year round so what is special today is that we stop for a few moments to think of all who are near and dear to us both near and far away and to reflect on all our many blessings.


Blessing # 163 – All Good Gifts Around Us!

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