BOOM – Broth


An estimated five thousand calories were consumed yesterday. Everyone enjoyed and it was real tasty but the best is yet to come. Turkey SOUP!

Some people call it broth but there is something about that word that isn’t appetizing for me. Anyone else feel that way?

Just love love love soup and it’s a making right now. The stock’s bubblin’ and will be going for another hour or so. Once it’s cooled a little will be used today and a lot  will be portioned up and frozen for future use in intense therapy sessions.

Chopping veggies is one of my go to best ever mind numbingly happy things. If items in the fridge get tired or it becomes highly congested the chopping goes into over drive. If a bit of a bad mood surfaces look out and listen for the click of that knife on wood.

The thought of a good drop of soup at the end of it all is a prospect that never fail to bring a smile.

Blessing # 164 – Joys of Leftovers

2 Replies to “BOOM – Broth”

  1. I absolutely identify with these–1)the abhorrence of ‘broth’ for anything on the dining table and the 2) the joys of left-overs–making my long workdays possible. As usual, a great write-up imbuing feelings into actions– 🙂 Krishna V

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