BOOM – Blazing

Being partial to a candle or two burning of an evening a lot of candle ends  accumulate.

After years feeling sorry for the bits that weren’t getting a chance to shine the light dawned that they could be recycled

So, for the past two years these little pieces are now lovingly set aside and eventually find their way into memory candles for special friends.

At the end of each season when the decor is being changed all that has accumulated over the season undergoes a transformation.

Today, being the end of fall decor and the start of Christmas for us, the candle making took place and I took photos to share how it goes.

The wax is melted in a little Pyrex jug on the floor of the microwave. Of course all metal wick holders have to be removed first so a little meltdown over some boiling water  might be needed

Once melted the wax gets really hot so it’s quite dangerous work. It then has to be poured layer by layer otherwise the wick comes unstuck. This is not a bad thing because it allows colored layers to be made.

Now those of you thinking that I have lost the plot or should get a life or at least get to IKEA immediately may be right but all this helps me build patience which is a virtue that normally isn’t part of my repertoire.

All was proceeding well today and after four hours of melting and pouring the last layers were set and I was pleased as punch with the outcome.

Until that is one of the wicks fell into the wax and a hole had to be dug to get it out.

This bit of wax had to be remelted and here is where a corner was cut that could have been a disaster.

The racks in the microwave had already been put back in place so I stuck the jug on a piece of paper on the top rack rather than taking the racks out and putting the jug on the microwave floor.

You guessed right a blaze started. Some wax on the paper caught fire and set the rest of the wax off too. Fortunately Krishna helped me get it out with a wet towel and there wasn’t much in that jug to burn but it could have been horrible.

What was that talk of PATIENCE?


Blessing # 165 – Tough Love

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