BOOM – Benediction


The beautiful word Benediction crossed my path today. Hadn’t heard or seen it for such a long time.

This term was used in days gone by at the end of a Church Service. Maybe in some places it is still used but the simpler word Blessing  is much more likely.

The two words are of course interchangeable yet Benediction seems much more powerful!

This perception could well be based on what was instilled in and bestowed on me by a wonderful man Canon John Bell.

He was the minister at our Church Holy Trinity Ballylesson for almost three decades and was involved in giving the Benediction at every  single major milestone in my life.

The Canon was also a very avide beekeeper. Maybe not a coincidence that just this past week we found some lovely bee wax he’d given us years ago

Each Sunday he would send us off for the week with a Benediction. Most often this would be;

»Go forth now into the world in peace. Be of good cheer. Hold fast that which is good and the Lord thy God shall go with you whither so ever you may go »

What more could you ask for!

Blessing # 166 – Bees and their Keepers

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