BOOM – BIG Bulbs

Many of you must have seen on social media that people who put Christmas decorations up early are less likely to suffer from the blues.

You could argue the case either way but let’s say a bit of brightness in the house when the days are dreary can’t hurt.

Our tradition is to get out the tinsel once Thanksgiving is done and dusted. So the decor went up Saturday the outside light yesterday and the tree went up today.

Krishna puts the tree bits together because he’s a saint and then it’s up to me to dress it up.

One thing that is always frustrating is stinging the fairy lights.  They always seem to get tangled or you get half way through and half of them pack in. Well no more. We have gone BIG.

Seriously if you want to save yourself time and your sanity invest in these wonders. They may be a bit bold and more leprechaun than fairy but lighting the whole tree from bottom to top with beauties took ten minutes and not a single bad word was said!

Blessing # 167 – Lighting Bolt

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