The long running TV show Coronation Street introduced many of us in the UK to the term BUTTY.

The program is set in a working class area in the North of England and has been going for 58 years. There are a few people still acting in it who were in the first episodes.

When we lived in Switzerland my Dad would tape the program for me and I’d pick up the video tapes on each visit back home. The binge watching of all the episodes once we were back in Switzerland drove poor Krishna mad!

Anyway I thought of this today as I was making our lunch. We had a good ham BUTTY with some mind blowingly hot Coleman’s Mustard. In other words a super thick sandwich stuffed to capacity and totally lacking in any finesse.

Butties are the polar opposite of a finger sandwich that the more upper crust among the population would be used to.

In Northern Ireland we’d also refer to this as a doorstop just to reinforce its depth. It’s rough and it’s ready and it’s yummy.

Blessing # 169 – Getting your teeth into something good

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