BOOM – Best Back Bets

Our furniture from Ireland has cleared customs in New York and is in the warehouse waiting to be delivered to Ohio.

The Swiss stuff is now mostly unpacked and placed in its final destination although there are still four boxes in the garage and some in the boiler room.

To get ready for the Irish onslaught we hired College HUNKS  Hauling Junk to come today to help us move things around. Highly recommend them!

The guys were smart, efficient and worked non stop. Best of all they were really kind and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble for them!

There were sofas going to the basement, a bed going upstairs twin beds coming to the garage to be picked up by the furniture bank not to mention coffee tables, carpets and the inevitability bookcases moving around too.

Musical chairs took on a whole new meaning!

Before any move could happen of course I had to make a few adjustments to things myself and that is when disaster struck. Something nasty happened to my back yesterday and again this morning it gave me a fright.

Nonetheless still went to Yoga class to see how that would make me feel.

Well it was like a minor miracle.

Our lovely yoga teacher Olivia who is going to her baby in just a few weeks showed up but no one else did. So Olivia and I had a great little practice just the two of us with focus on our lower backs.

Got home just in time to say hello and give direction to the lads.

Blessing # 170 – NAMASTE to Three Strong HUNKS and a Gentle YOGI

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