BOOM – Better not Best!

Last weekend when we put up the lights outside I was getting a bit tired. Aaron helped me some but these days he is so busy texting that it frustrates me more to watch him and keep having to ask him to concentrate than just doing it myself.

The job was half baked. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t satisfying. This happens regularly with me. I’ll knit something or bake something and rush it and then it turns out that I can’t stand it or it is a total fail.

Since Monday I’ve been watching the grounds men put up the outdoor Christmas lights at the club. They were still perfecting the tree today. It looks wonderful

This rubbed in my dissatisfaction with my own work so today I bit the bullet took the outdoor lights down and started over.

They are far from perfect but they now have an order and some elements of symmetry. It was time well spent, really not that much just an hour.

Will anyone notice a difference? Most likely not a soul but myself but I know now I’ll smile when I see them.

Blessing #171– Observing Patience in Perfectionists.

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