BOOM – Brigit and Beatrice


When we were studying French and German at school we were given names by our teachers.

In French class I was Beatrice and in German Brigit. Now I have no idea how our teachers came up with the names. Maybe they tried to match us up well with our surnames mine being Barr. Bottom line those names still make me wince.

This came back to mind this morning as my bestie Lesley and I were sending funny little Facebook posts in German to Lesley’s daughter in Berlin.

At school I was truly horrendous at languages especially French. To say that French class was a nightmare would be kind. It made me feel ill and very jealous of the girls who seemed to get it!

German at least bore a remote resemblance to English so I could goof my way through conversation and translation.

So it was ironic, some might even say it was poetic justice that I ended up living a large part of my adult life in French speaking countries.

That smattering of French from school helped so much when I arrived to work in Switzerland and in the end French became very near and dear to me.

The German came in handy too.

Many of my bosses were German. Sometimes they’d converse among themselves and while they may have assumed differently I’d a fair idea of what they were saying unless that is they were Swiss speaking Switzer Deutsch which is a whole different ball game!!!!

Blessing # 172 – Language Lessons


2 Replies to “BOOM – Brigit and Beatrice”

  1. We truly underrated the value of learning languages and communicating with people in other countries. It was always my worst class in high school and I thank Nestle for their support in finally learning French. I am still not fluent but at least I can understand a fair amount. I am truly amazed that students in Europe study 2 ” foreign” languages as normal along with math and science. It exercises a whole different part of the brain!

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