BOOM – Ballgames in the Basement

Yesterday we spent most of the day underground.

As we’d moved our sofas downstairs in preparation for the arrival of the Irish favorites we could either lie on the floor in the living room or veg in the basement.

It was a day of football. American that is! First the Texas and Oklahoma game where we were rooting for Texas. They lost.

Onwards and upwards to Alabama against Georgia and Bamy won!

Finally the climax of the day and the seasons our team OSU against Northwest.

Well a girl needs something to keep her nerves in check so out came the crochet hook and a big ball of wool. A different ballgame!

A friend had recently knit her daughter an infinity scarf so as this was a day of infinite football what else was there to make.

Dad had enough half way through and abandoned the ball for the book!

We both abandoned the basement for bed before the game was over but Aaron cheered the winners on to become once more the BIG 10 Champions!


Blessing # 173 – Hobby Hooks

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