BOOM – Before A Birth

Yesterday our dear friends Nilima and Pradeep organized a baby shower party for their younger daughter and her husband who are expecting their first baby soon.

We had such fun playing games and of course eating delicious Indian food and a great big cake!

For all little babies coming to our friends and family it has become our tradition to get the baby a little Irish Arran Sweater. These are knit by Liz a friend in Belfast. She sells them to raise funds for Assisi Animal Charity so little puppies and kittens benefit too.

Yesterday was also the first Sunday in Advent when the candle of hope was lit in anticipation of the four weeks leading up to Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The world has changed a lot since Mary and Joseph waited for their baby to be born.

Many things have not changed though. Sheep still make wool. Wool still is used to make little baby clothes. Grandma and Grandpa and the extended circle surrounding them still wait patiently for a birth.

We shower love on the parents to be and as we sang this morning we pray the world will be a peaceful one for their little love.

Blessing # 174 – Preparing for a Little Love

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