BOOM – Bedroom Ban


This furniture movement is wrecking havoc in our home especially for the fur ball.

Poor Dibley is in the dog house!

He normally sleeps in bed with us. Our bedroom is on the main floor but we have had to move upstairs temporarily until our favorite bedroom furniture arrives from Ireland as it’s going into our room.

Of course we invited Dibley to join us upstairs but he refused to go. He imposed a ban on the upstairs bedroom!

For several nights he just sat in front of our usually bedroom door. When Krishna tried to coax him to come upstairs he growled at him.

Heaven know why but he is not budging from the main floor. So the past few nights he has slept in his kennel in the kitchen.

We have been up for a while now, had our breakfast and seen Aaron off to school. So it was a bit surprising that the fur ball is still in his kennel.

We were wondering is he huffing with us but I caught him just now lying on his back snoring his head off so maybe he is treating this all like a vacation!

Blessing # 175 – The Fun In Anthropomorphism

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