BOOM – Being Bush


Such a beautiful ceremony of remberance for President Bush at the National Cathedral today. So full of love and grace. Powerful messages and wonderful music.

All this week we have learned more than ever before about the goodness, kindness and humility of the man that was the forty first President of this great country.

He valued character over pedigree.  He viewed tolerance as a virtue not a vice.

We learned that when his lovely granddaughter Jenna introduced him to her baby and asked him what advice he would give her he said

»To your own self be true »

He epitomized the meaning of servant leadership. In defeat he was gracious writing words of encouragement to President Clinton. He became like a father to him. So much so that the Bush brothers referred to him as a brother from another mother!

We learned how he loved to laugh especially at himself. He even had a grading system for jokes.

He had a simple faith and the strong belief that the legacy we must leave our children is the desire to do good and to serve.

Most importantly we learned how much he loved. He loved his country, he loved the people of this country and of the entire world and especially he loved his bride Barbara and their family.

It is in knowledge of his reunion with Barbara and with their baby Robin that this wonderful family universally have said they feel joy and peace today.

Blessing # 176 – Enduring Love

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