BOOM – Batch by Batch

We are having our annual cookie walk at church this weekend. The idea is that as many people as possible sign up to make Christmas cookies and then we sell them by the pound.

Now some of the ladies who bake are artists.. They come up with these amazing creations and the cookies are absolutely perfect iced and sparkly.

In the past years I have had some outstanding disasters when I tried anything more adventurous than a sugar cookie but this year was going to be different.

Early yesterday morning the production line was set up. Dough made, oven turned on, cookies cut. Confidence was coming out of my ears!

Batch after Batch came out right! I was baking for a nation. Mary Berry, Martha Stewart eat your heart out!

Stars and snowmen and hearts were cooking and cooling and being boxed up and they all looked plain and simple but right. So in for a penny in for a pound another round of dough production began.

We were into the home stretch when disaster struck.

After warming up a coffee in the microwave to watch the start of the memorial ceremony for President Bush the oven was accidentally turned off as well as the microwave. This became apparent when a check on the status of the last two trays of cookies was made.

Well of course this was not a big deal. The temperature had only fallen a bit so if it was switched back on all would be well wouldn’t it?

Alas no! The cookies took on the look of charcoal. Now why would this be? Well of course an oven ramps up to its set temperature with a higher heat than it does when stable.

Did this cross the mind of the kitchen diva? Not for a moment but it’s a good lesson learned and so ironic and so funny that they were little fir trees!!!!!


Blessing # 177 – Burnt Wood!!!!! Christmas Logs!!!!!

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