BOOM – Bonsai!


Poinsettias are very popular at this time of year. Often given as gifts and sadly often gone before the Christmas tree is taken down.

They are hobby plants for me. Each year if we get one it is a challenge to see if the little life can be kept going till another season.

Mostly I’ve been successful. Three years ago I almost lost one but after a little encouragement it bounced back as a little Bonsai and now has become so robust and my favorite.


The trick you need to know to be ready for this years Poinsettia season is that you must be ruthless! Starve that plant of water until the soil on top is completely dry then take it to the sink and drown it until water is running out of the pot.

Over the years I’ve learned that this works because the Poinsettia is native to Mexico where climate fluctuations mean drought and flood are interspersed.

While my plants keep growing it is rare that they do what they should do and that is turn red at Christmas.

This is all part of the Poinsettia story. The gifting of the plant is based on the legend of a little girl who had no money to bring a gift to her Church. So she plucked some weeds on her way there. The leaves turned into a plant and this turned red on Christmas morning.

This year we have victory! The reward for good light and patience!!!


Blessing # 178 – A little red leaf!

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